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Video Game Level Designer

Medieval Skyscrapers

Watch the aftermath of a murder, stare in awe at the haphazard buildings above, and learn the story of the Rat Seller. Medieval Skyscrapers is an environment art piece oozing with story telling and atmosphere.

Lightning Pistol

It grinds, its spins, shoots lightning?! Lightning Pistol is a weapon model that is rigged, has sound, and special effects; all on display here. 


Rotator Pistols

They clank, they spit steam, and they can fire a whole lotta bullets. Rotator Pistols is a weapon model based on a firearm from my book series The Hamendall Trilogy.

Canyon Town

The wind whistles through the dead vegetation and dilapidated buildings of a long-abandoned town nestled within a small canyon.

Mad Max Interceptor

It roars as it tears down the deserted wastes of post-apocalypse Australia driven by a violent and angry man.

Grey Room

A quiet and peaceful space with a tasteful modern aesthetic. Grey Room is an attempt to recreate a photograph within UE4.

Cranmer Hall

In the heart of a downtrodden city sits a small but beautiful study hall for a local Catholic church. An architectural study of Cranmer Hall from downtown Savannah, Georgia.  

War Torch

Created through alchemy and genetic manipulation, the war torch wanders battlefields in search of carrion to feast upon. The War Torch is my delve into character sculpting.

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