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Video Game Level Designer



For this project, I wanted to create a building from real-world reference. I was studying at SCAD at the time and decided to go for a drive around Savannah until I found something I liked. Sure enough, I found Cranmer Hall. I adored this boxy building dressed to match the gothic church across the street. With its repeating shapes, it was a great contestant to try modular construction for the first time.


It was enjoyable figuring out how to use my kit to best mimic this structure, and I think it came out well. Finding a way to make the glass appear correct without revealing the lack of an interior was an exciting challenge; I opted for blinds behind the windows for a natural appearance. Looking back, I wish I had spent more time lighting this scene. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the file was lost in a hard drive failure; I was lucky to have an online backup of the renders.


I had numerous reference images to work from while creating the project, most of which I took myself. This was the most helpful reference for me and gave a good idea of what Cranmer Hall looks like in reality - amazingly clean!


Cranmer Hall was one of those buildings that seemed to have a very consistent style, but once you set out to make the assets, you realize every rule has an exception; I ended up with a lot more meshes than I had hoped. Anyway, I created a modular kit for its creation. In the future, it would be fun to make a crazy gothic labyrinth using these pieces.

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