War Torch

A disfigured creature used for war

Adobe Photoshop

Turn Around

Still Renders



When I started this project to learn ZBrush I knew I wanted to create something that was unsettling, would really test what I could do, had a ton of story to it, and had a good mix of organic and man-made materials/hardsurface.


I came up with a concept for the 'War Torch' a strange creature that would be used as a mobile watchtower during a war in a dark fantasy setting. I started with gathering anatomy references for rats, rat skulls, and humans. 

These are some of my main references, but I also had a library of about 50 images of people with anorexia, rat hands, rat dissections, concentration camp victims, pet rats, fur less rats, and so on.

I created numerous sketches of the silhouette, details, and some made to capture its personality. Above is the turn around sketch sheet that I used as the basis for my sculpt. I ended up adding a loin cloth because I wanted to try making wrinkled fabric.

With that done, I began to create my sculpts, below is a series of WIP images.

When I had my sculpt finished and my posing, I went on to work on the alphas. I had already gathered reference for these back during my research phase, so I was ready to go and give him a lot of detail. I'm not going to show the reference, because honestly, it's most just gore and burns.

Something I wish I could to in the future is use Topogun to make a complete retopology of my character and use Headus to make nice UVs. In his case, being more of a concept sculpt, I went with just ZRemesher and then used the UVMaster to make the UVs. There are quite a few errors in the UVs that I'm really not happy with, one day I may return to fix that.