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Video Game Level Designer


Hello! I'm Kyle Hanselman, and I'm a big fan of games. I realized this passion around 2009 when I made my Steam account and gained access to hundreds of games. This obsession grew later, in 2011, when I began to make mods on, where I established myself firmly in the community. I wanted to improve my understanding of games and went for a Game Development degree at SCAD. I learned a lot more about games that modding didn't teach me; I still have a long way to go in becoming the best level designer out there, and I'm always excited to improve and move forward.

If I could pick a specific passion, level design would be it. I've been making levels ever since I started taking an interest in game development and have yet to get bored. Something about handcrafting the player experience makes it extremely rewarding, especially when you hear a test player laugh or screech or suddenly get silent and focused, letting you know that what you've created has an impact. 



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