Various Source Maps

A comprehensive chronological collection of my level design work in Source.

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Hospital Shootout - Fall 2018

For this level, I wanted to really focus on dynamic combat. My primary goal was to have combat sequences that felt interesting each time. I wanted to leave this level in a greybox state and not have to worry about the environment art. It turned out to be a great, fun level. You can read the full documentation of the level design process on my blog by following the link below.

I expect that this experiment and practice level will lead to a vast improvement in the quality of my levels from now on.


Canals: Sewers - Winter 2017

A single level from the mod I've been working on named Canals. I talk more about this level on its own page; you can follow this link to the Canals dedicated page.

Canals: Canal - Winter 2017

The first level of my mod 'Canals.' This is where I became very dedicated to Source, and began to understand what it took to make a decent, playable level, and even more so, how to make Source look good. Unfortunately, do to poor saving skills and attempting to bring custom content into the mod, I accidentally corrupted my files for this map. This lead to several issues including weapons not appearing and physics not always working correctly. None-the-less this was a great learning experience.


Maintenence Tunnel - Winter 2016


Canals Alpha: Sewers 2 - Fall 2016

I was about halfway through this map when I realized I had significantly improved my level design and environment art skills since the previous maps. This lead to a strange disconnect where the mod felt like it would change styles about a half hour in. This was unacceptable to me and this level was dropped and I began to remake the mod, this lead to the map above this one.

These alpha maps are actually available to download and play, they can be located on the ModDB page for the mod itself.

Canals Alpha: Sewers 1 - Fall 2016

I could easily make the argument that this is my first truly complete map. It has every aspect of a complete level. Unfortunately, there are some trouble spots that made it feel really low-quality, like mismatched audio and lighting artifacts. Other than that, this is a level that really begins to understand how levels work.

Canals Alpha: Canal 1 - Fall 2016

Originally, this was meant to be the first level of my mod Canals. As we now know, later I would scrap this level once it began to feel too amateur compared to my later levels. This took a lot of inspiration from Complex, a map found below, with a tightly woven world and enemies that blind-side the player. I really began to try for dynamic combat here, and it wasn't quite there yet, but it was markedly improved from anything else I had done below.


Complex - Summer 2016

Complex is more of a practice map than a real one. Here, I wanted to play with enemy placement and lighting primarily. The level is dense with lots of loops and turn arounds. This taught me a lot about level design and enemy placement. It was fun at first to get surprised by enemies, but that quickly lost the fun when you would constantly die to unexpected enemies. It was unfair and the only way to get through the extremely tough level was to know where enemies were and lower the difficulty.

Another thing I learned here is about down time. This map has no single room where the player can rest and recollect, every space is packed with combat from the beginning to end, which is a real problem. 


Visual Interest Tests - Summer 2016

The Visual Interest Tests was a series of very small maps I created testing to see how interesting I could make any single space. The tests went great and the improvement in my later mapping is very noticeable; compare the First Alpha Canals Map to the map directly below this and you will see what I mean.

Flying Town - Summer 2015

Flying Town was cool, but easily the worst optimized map I've ever made, and it ran terribly. I would also consider it more of and environment art piece rather than a true map, as hit had no real content and the player would simply wander about the little flying city. This would later inspire the Visual Interest Tests.

Unfortunately, anything I created before this was not properly documented, as I did not understand the importance of keeping everything. Luckily, whenever I created anything in source, I would post it on ModDB. With he help of archiving, I was able to dig up some images on some of my older content. However, there is a large gap of time where I know I created, but also scrapped and removed all traces of, many maps.


Unnerved: Prison - Winter 2011

Unnerved is a mod that I worked on after Iron Horizon fell apart. It also went under rather quickly because the start of Highschool. In the end, it was far too ambitious for a single person to build, but it was good experience fueled by the energy for level design I had coming off Iron Horizon.


Iron Horizon: City - Fall 2010

This is the final map I made for Iron Horizon. I first made some building templates to get a sense of how I wanted them to look detail wise and practice with shape. I then built the city but never quite finished it before the project was cancelled.

Iron Horizon: Mines 2 - Fall 2010

For this chapter of Iron Horizon, the player is leaving the mines by climbing a tall and complex shaft to the surface. At the time, this was the best of my work, I had learned a lot in the year since I had started using source, and this map is the crown jewel of this era with the most complex use of enemies and puzzles I have used until the maps I made in 2016 and it looked better than anything else I had made at this point too.

Iron Horizon: Mines 1 - Fall 2010

The first map of the Iron Horizon mines was also my duty. Looking back, the caves felt remarkably square and stale. These levels were also pretty short, taking under ten minutes to complete on average, and most of the room were just large, open spaces that offered nothing to the player.

Iron Horizon: Desert Bridge - Summer 2010

This was the first map I made for the re-imagined Iron Horizon, more on that later. This was a desert section where the player would have to find their way through a maze of stone after a train crash and then cross a dangerous bridge to make it into the mines. I remember not knowing enough about source for this to feel playable, nothing ever happened and it was easy to escape the map.


Iron Horizon Alpha: Soviet Sewers - Winter 2010

Before Iron Horizon was a Steampunk action game, it began as a horror game based in Soviet Russia...strange transition. This was one of the final maps I created for this version of the mod. Here, the player had to sneak through the underbelly of a great Russian base to get inside.

Iron Horizon Alpha: Soviet Pipeworks - Winter 2010

Soviet pipeworks was certainly a level I created with no sense of decent design, or art. I can still remember it now, a large maze of tunnels that were often pitch-black or completely lacking attention to detail. It would last a play tester anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour to complete depending on which hallway they took.

Iron Horizon Alpha: Soviet Mines - Winter 2010

Soviet Mines was likely one of my first maps and definitely the first map I ever posted images of on ModDB. It was about 2 minutes long with three or four rooms that were almost impossible to navigate because of poor lighting and props crowding the space. The sense of scale didn't exist, none of the rooms had composition to them or purpose.