Sword of the Dead City

A ronin samurai arrives home to find the city infested with the Oni.

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Final Playthrough

After our planned ten week period to create this game, this is what we created. I'm pretty proud of what we managed to accomplish in such a short time with such a small team. There are a few little problems here and there that we plan to polish before really calling the project complete. These issues inculde the camera going out of bounds, the parallax BG vanishing when the player slides, getting models and animations in for all the enemies, and removing the strange bug that causes many of the materials to not appear in the .exe.

Final Images

The Game Design Document

Sword of the Dead City is a fast-paced action sidescroller that takes place during Japan's Edo Period. The game features a very unique PS1-inspired art style, intense combat, and fun platforming.

In the link below, you can follow the process of the game on the tech side in the Systems Designer's, Chris Schickler's personal website.


Process Images: Part Two

After making some changes to the layout, mainly making it a lot more linear in accordance with time constraints, I began to place props and add details. Here are a few images of this in progress. It was also around here that we began really testing the game and found many issues such as collision problems, issues loading between rooms, AI being unable to navigate the spaces. We also made various improvements to the scale of the environment, feel of character movement, and optimization.

Process: Part One

One of the first things I worked on was getting a greybox created. Based directly off a sketch I made, I made the greybox for the first two levels. I was going to do all four, but luckily I didn't, as later I did not have time to complete them anyway.

With this greybox, it was difficult to really put together because of the conflated schedule caused by only having a ten week period to create the game. I wasn't able to set the player's abilities quite yet, or test the flow of combat, or place pickups, making the greybox almost useless until later, when I used it to make the final version of the game.

Environment Model Kits

After I completed the greybox for the two levels, I made a vast majority of the props for the game. Here I have them pictured in Maya so that you can see the geometry.

The DreamGear Team

Chris Schickler

Systems Designer, Animator, VSFX Artist

Kyle Hanselman

Team Lead, Level Designer, Environment Artist, Sound Designer

Ky Schinkle

Narrative Designer

Aiveen Dunn

Voice Actor, Editor

Julie McNamara

Texture Artist

Aaron Minich