Alleyway Runner

Can you survive the gauntlet of lasers?

Adobe Photoshop

Final Video

This is where it all comes together. I grabbed free art assets released on the UE4 Marketplace to bring a level of polish to the game I had made. Here, I make a complete run of the game as any player would; going through the obstacles, failing and dying, trying again, and so on. 

Progress Videos

In this first video I was testing two specific aspects of a game: damage obstacles and pickups. After creating a character and giving him health, I created a laser, a key, and a health kit. Each has a distinct color and sound to make sure they feel different. After getting each one to work, I moved on to the next step.

In the second video, I realized that I may want to have lasers on timers so I could create puzzles with them, such as alternation or forcing the player to run at a certain speed. To do this, I had to make them instance editable. For each laser and rocket spawner, I created a set of variables that could change many options like damage, delays, and the time a gap took place. I also create a checkpoint system. Here, I test this functionality.

In the third video, I created a few more elements such as a laser that would instantly kills the player (yellow), moving platforms, and lasers that required a key to be turned off. With all these scripts, I felt I was ready to take it all to a new level and make one. As seen here, I made a level that starts slowly and introduces each elements one at a time, then ramps it up to a higher level of difficulty with combinations of obstacles in the end. I even turned the moving platforms sideways and made them into obstacles to bring some extra variety

For this video, the fourth one, I created a UI, as it wouldn't really be a functional game without one. So I created a simple but fun UI that was clear but also unique. I also set up a demo area to ensure I could make a menu system that would allow me to access multiple different levels from it.