Radiant Dark

A game about discovery in an Antarctic research facility

Adobe Photoshop


Final Images

For these final images, much of my responsibilities were in creating many of the props used to detail the world. I also spent some time set dressing and adjusting lighting.

Level Design


One of the major criticisms of the Radiant Dark BETA was that the puzzles, although the highlight of the experience, didn't feel like they had context. People didn't really understand what they were doing where they were, or how they were being used. The other issue was that solving these puzzles wasn't giving a good enough sense of progression.

That was my main focus for the redesign of the Inua facility. I went with a hub-and-spoke layout. This time, the puzzles were all in a central hub location, and the mechanism that swapped puzzles was unreliable, forcing the player to adventure out into the wings to get it running again.

We hadn't even completed greyboxing this space before Eli and I realized that this sketch to the left was NOT a very good space for the art we wanted. We decided to make the level more organically, creating a simple layout in our heads, and building the layout in a greybox, skipping the drawing. Below is what we came up with excluding some of the extra rooms we added as stretch goals. 


Prop Kits

One of my responsibilities on Radiant Dark was creating many of the prop kits. This includes consoles, mining equipment, office stuff, and a handful of small, detail-adding props such as vents.