Rotator Pistol: Update Three

I managed to actually get a little ahead for this update, which is exciting. I've added quite a few elements and a lot of little details. First thing I did after adding some elements was clean up the geometry, which was a really interesting challenge considering some of the shapes were really strange and complex. In the end it came out pretty well. The low-poly is 35,709 tris. I wanted it to be quite a bit lower, but I won't be able to do that since there are so many pieces and parts that require a lot of detail. From what I gather, 35,000 tris isn't too bad for a weapon. Below is the results of the complete low-poly with its wireframe.

After I made these adjustments and additions I moved on to creating my high-poly. I've never made such an ambitious and detailed high-poly before. I'm actually not entirely sure if it will be something I can bake, but I'm excited to experiment with it a little bit. I'm really happy with how it looks at this stage. You can see it below.

Oh, and since this is game art in the end, I've taken a shot of it from what would be the player's perspective. It reads really well, in my opinion, and doesn't take up too much space.

The next few steps will likely be the hardest, I'm going to attempt grouping the pieces together for a bake, painting the vertex color ID's and I'm sure I will learn a lot about baking normals in the coming day or so. Next time you see this, it will be very close to, or altogether completed.