Rotator Pistol: Update One

As I begin to teach myself how to use Blender 2.8, I've decided that the best way to put my skills to the test is to make a steampunk handgun. This time I've come up with a pretty insane concept that I think will be very unique and a whole lot of fun.

I've dubbed it the Emerald Rotator Pistol. A gun where the cartridges are held horizontally in the grip and the barrel assembly swings around it when fired to chamber each cartridge. I've really tried to avoid the typical nonsense of pipes and gears generally associated with steampunk weapons; I have made sure to think of the function of each piece, why is it there, what does it do?

Ideally I will be able to complete this within the week and submit it for SCAD's Entelechy 2019 competition.