Maintenance Hall: Update Two

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

So I've decided to start over, like I said in my last post. I tried to keep things similar, but improve on them. I am MUCH happier with the results this time around.

This is the new model kit. These models are cleaner, easier to use, and have improved details. They are not incredibly detailed, but I will make up for that with a large number of planned detailing models to really bring the space to life.

Below I have the recreated trim sheets for the color maps. I have completed all the PBR materials, but it is easiest to show the color.

This time around, the brick trim sheet is a little nicer looking and I didn't add a big section on top that I wasn't using. I may fill this space later for one of the detail models to take up.

The biggest change I made to the metal trim sheet is adding the grate to the top, a texture I didn't make on the last go. I've also improved the amount of detail and believably.

The wood is totally different. I've cut the model for the arched ceilings in half so I could make better use of the space on the trim sheet and have more detail and variety in it.

I hadn't gotten to this material before I restarted, so this is the concrete. Mostly only the floor uses this, which gave me the opportunity to really make it fit those models well.

This was the first assembly put together in Unreal with only the color maps. I was pretty pleased with this and didn't have to change much. The lighting was awful, so later I added some point lights just to make sure everything was visible.

This is that same hallway after I created all of the other PBR maps for the materials. Some areas are a bit too much, but I'm leaving them for now. I figure that once all of the other details go in, it will break up the reflections and normals nicely and then I will want them to be on the strong side. I was struggling to get the height map on my bricks to work properly, but I should have that working by the end of the project at the very latest.

Overall I'm very happy with where the project is now. I think the materials are some of the best I have ever made with lots of layers of detail and grunge along with Roughness, Metallic, and Normal maps that are very detailed and precise as well. I'm excited to see where this goes. Next update I will have completed a big chunk of the prop models and will have them placed in the engine.