Began Hospital Shootout - A New Level

This is a quick top-down sketch of the level. I created it to be paired with a word document containing descriptions of each room. Things are subject to change, but this best shows the scale a relation of the spaces for the level in the future.

Hospital Level Design Document


1) Starting room – the player starts in a storage room.

2) First Alley – the player walks out into an alley where they find metro police attacking a citizen, the player defeats the metro police. Two ways, one way is fenced off to area 8. Second path leads down stairs to area 3.

3) Bend Alley – the player moves to area 4.

4) Waiting room – a waiting area where a car has crashed through the wall, so the player can foreshadow area 19.

5) Lobby – the lobby to a doctor’s office w/ zombies. Gas spraying on door, hole in ceiling covered by metal piece.

6) Trash Room – a room with a trash chute and bins, vent to area 7.

7) Vents that connect to area 2 and 8.

8) Combine ambush player

9) Hospital room

10) Hospital hall w/ zombies

11) Elevator lobby - *ding* combine

12) Elevator up to third floor - stops early

13) Stairs to locked door - emergency exit

14) Elevator Lobby 2 – combine.

15) Hospital Hall 2

16) Hospital room – zombie and hole to second floor below

17) Hospital room – explosive barrel and metal sheet. Hole to first floor lobby (5) with door. Use explosive to blow door open in lobby, move to 19.

18) Hospital hall – has supplies.

19) Parking lot – combine waiting. Destroy generator to get behind combine shield to open gate.

20) Loading bay – shipping crates for hospital. Combine come through ceiling. Use platform to get into hospital wing. Combine fighting zombies.

21) Stock room – service elevator, no function.

22) Waiting room 2 – zombies

23) Hospital hall – overlooks parking lot (19)

24) Hospital hall

25) Surgery room – zombies and puzzle. Player goes to room 26 to use plugs to get power, then to 27 to turn on power, then door in 25 opens and zombies wake up.

26) Puzzle room

27) Puzzle room

28) Stairwell – emergency exit.

29) Dead Space

30) Hospital Hallway

31) Cafeteria – big shootout with combine and a hunter that keep attacking until player solves puzzle. Must go into 33 and 35 to lock doors and unlock their own. Go back through, defeat enemies, and leave to END

32) Vent – to puzzle room

33) Puzzle room

34) Vent – to puzzle room

35) Puzzle room