Additional Work

Thank you for taking the time to visit the second page of my work. This page acts more as a personal catalogue and does not represent my relevant or present work so take it with a grain of salt.

Sword of the Dead City

A metroidvania action game made by my team DreamGear Games. Fall 2018.


A Half-Life 2 mod where the player embodies an unknown citizen as they accidentally find themselves a part of the underground railroad and must escape the combine lash back. Winter 2017.

War Torch

A character model of a genetically modified rat creature with some...inorganic adjustments.

Spring 2019.

Rotator Pistol

Who said a pistol couldn't have a sideways drum magazine?

Spring 2019.

Lightning Pistol

A steampunk weapon design with particles, material transitions, and an a small vignette. Fall 2018.

Mad Max Interceptor

Somewhere in the desert of post apocalyptic Australia a predator roams the dunes. Spring 2018.

Grey Room

A clean modern room created from a photo reference. Spring 2018.

Cranmer Hall

A beautiful historic building in downtown Savannah with a Neo-Gothic flavor. Spring 2018.

Feast on the Frozen

A horror game that places the player in an open world survival situation where they must deal with their own deadly curse. Made by DreamGear Games. Spring 2018.

Canyon Town

In the middle of a vast and cold desert, a small town uses an outcrop to protect themselves from the howling wind and the dust storms it brings with it. Fall 2017.

Medieval Skyscrapers

A dark story unfolds within the claustrophobic alleyway amidst immense Tudor-style skyscrapers. Winter 2018.