Search For The Gryphon

An underwater VR experience brought to you by SCAD

Search for the Gryphon was a VR experience funded by SCAD and created by a multi-disciplinary team of students from 5 different majors including game development, animation, sound design, production design, and motion media. It features a fully-decorated and acted theatrical entrance, then a 5-minute VR experience following a narrative. It allowed for up to six guests to sit in VR in the same space with air compressors synced to movement to create the most immersive possible experience. Below are images from the ride during showing.

My primary role on the Search for the Gryphon team was as assistant producer working directly under the project director Jack Mamais. In this role I managed between the several scrum teams as sprint master, ensuring that the team's scrum master were communicating about their current hold-ups and needs from other teams. I spent a lot of my time looking over sprint sheets, delegating assignments, and directing the team.

My secondary role was that of level designer or, more aptly nick-named, sequence master. As Search for the Gryphon was an experience, not a game, level design was almost entirely working in the Unreal 4 Sequencer. I created the path of the sub, implemented scripted events, adjusted audio, placed animated creatures, and helped in asset placement with the environment art team.

This was particularly challenging as VR had many limits and moving someone in VR proved to be difficult unless you don't care if someone throws up during the experience. I spent most of my time making many small adjustments to the path, trying to perfect it to the play test feedback. Below is the extremely simple path of the submarine drawn out.