Feast on the Frozen

In the snowy wilderness of Wyoming you can hear the Wendigo's call

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

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The DreamGear Team

Chris Schickler

Systems Designer, VSFX Artist

Kyle Hanselman

Team Lead, Level Designer, Sound Designer, UI Designer

Haley Nettleton

Environment Artist, Character Artist

Allyson Bates

Character Artist, Concept Artist

Julia Yarbrough

3D Generalist

Final Playthrough

Feast on the Frozen is an ambitious open world horror game. The game has the player take the perspective of a just-turned Wendigo and must explore the frozen fields of Wyoming to find prey. Survival mechanics force the player to feed regularly, and as they do, they increase the variety and strength of their abilities as well as avoid starving to death.

An in-depth development log of this game is featured on the Systems Designer's, Chris Schickler's, website found at the link below.