Radiant Dark

A puzzle/horror game set in Antarctica. The player must explore a brutalist facility, discover the secrets of its past and free the Aurora Australis. Spring 2019

Hospital Shootout

A fully functional greybox level demonstrating puzzle solving, combat, and navigation. Fall 2018.

Search for the Gryphon

An interactive narrative VR experience where 6 guests visit an abandoned shipwreck. Winter 2019

Half-Life 2: Raising The Bar Redux

The greatly anticipated Half-Life 2 mod aiming to recreate the much grittier, unreleased Beta version of the game. Summer 2019-Fall 2020

Alleyway Runner

A platformer featuring lasers and endless pits. An attempt to create a level of a game from UE4 Blueprints. Winter 2018.

Various Source Maps

A collection of level design made in the Source SDK Hammer Editor over the course of a decade.