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Video Game Level Designer

Radiant Dark

Explore the long abandoned Inua facility, uncover its secrets, and learn the truth behind the Southern Lights. Radiant Dark is a puzzle game with a heavy emphasis on horror and mystery. 

Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar Redux

Navigate the dark streets of City 17, avoid the brutal police force, and fight for freedom. HL2:RTBR is a Half-Life 2 modification that aims to recreate the game with heavy influence from the unreleased Beta from 2003.

Hospital Shootout

Fight off hordes of enemy forces, Solve puzzles to get out of tight situations, and platform your way through an old hospital. Hospital Shootout is a fully playable example level in greybox state.

A Decade of Levels

Tunnel through dark mines, get lost on old soviet bases, and crawl through filthy canals. A Decade of Levels is a catalogue of ten years of modding; watch me grow as a designer and artist over ten years.

Sword of the Dead City

Slice through demons, climb pagodas, and slide through caves to reach the center of an edo period Japanese city under siege. Sword of the Dead City is an action platformer with fast-paced sword combat set to PS1 inspired graphics.

Alleyway Runner

Avoid lasers, dodge rocket turret barrages, and leap incredible distances in a cyberpunk skyline. Alleyway Runner is a vertical slice of a platformer entirely built in UE4 Blueprints.



Play minigames, customize your character, and kill your friends. Impostors is a humor-heavy social deduction game featuring exciting gameplay and lots of laughs.

The Callisto Protocol

Survive to escape the horrors of Callisto and uncover the dark secrets of Jupiter’s dead moon.

Zero Day

Join your friends and shoot your way through a dystopian corporate city using various equipment and cyberspace to bring down the oppressive machine.

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